Airports near Gateway Inn

Find out which airports are close to Gateway Inn and make your travel arrangements today.

Gateway Inn offers close proximity to the following airports:

Gainesville Regional Airport

Gainesville Regional Airport Lake City, Florida is the newest airport in the region and offers great options for travelers. Located just minutes from downtown Gainesville, the airport offers convenient access to everything the city has to offer. Additionally, Lake City offers a variety of attractions that are perfect for visitors looking to take in some local flavor. There are plenty of restaurants and shops within walking distance of the airport, making it easy to get started on your vacation before you even leave the terminal.

While Lake City is primarily a regional airport, it does have some direct flights to major cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Orlando. This makes it a great option for travelers looking for more than just a quick stopover on their way elsewhere. In addition to direct flights, Lake City also has connections to several major airports via major airlines including Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines.

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, Gainesville Regional Airport Lake City is a great option for getting where you need to go without all the hassles of flying traditional routes.

42.2 miles away

Valdosta Regional

Valdosta Regional Airport is a public use airport located three nautical miles (5 km) southeast of the central business district of Valdosta, a city in Lowndes County, Georgia, United States. It is owned by the Valdosta Regional Airport Authority. This airport has one runway designated 14/32 with an asphalt surface measuring 3,800 by 150 feet (1,118 x 46 m). For the 12-month period ending December 31, 2006, the airport had 2,754 aircraft operations, an average of 6 per day: 93% general aviation and 7% military.

54.3 miles away